The Temenggong Parties

Opening picture

20 July 2018 – Press Release

The Temenggong Parties: New Arts and Cultural Centre Opens Doors for Music, Cross- Cultural and Arts and Healing Collaborations

With effect from 1 Sept 2020, Temenggong 18/20 is now known as Hillside1820.

Singapore, July 20 2018 – A new arts and cultural centre with a specific focus on cross-cultural exchanges, music, the role of the arts in healing opens its doors this July.

Located within two historic black and white bungalows on the slopes on Mount Faber, programmes at Temenggong 18/20 will be managed by Global Cultural Alliance Ltd (GCA), a  not-for-profit arts organisation which focuses on developing original content and platforms for Singapore artists, as well as engages in cross cultural programmes.



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