For Three Days Straight

My most vivid memory of an instant noodle meal is when I only ate one meal for three consecutive days. It was all instant noodles, Maggi Hot Heads paired with buffalo wings or luncheon meat or sausage.

My favourite way of preparing instant noodles is by boiling the seasonings with water over the stove, then adding the noodles. Just before the noodles are at the right doneness (might not be al dente), I would crack an egg into it.

My favourite brand and flavour: Nong Shim Claypot Ramyun. I usually eat instant noodles when I am lazy and hungry. Sometimes, it could be due to cravings which hit me on rainy days. I enjoy instant noodles most when I eat together with a good Korean variety show. It is best slurped together with Korean celebrities who truly enjoy ramyun.

I know it’s not all that healthy, so I make it with eggs, scallops, beef, pork belly and sometimes, leek. — Aileen Lim