Empowering Young Lives. Supporting Young Dreams.

The fund was initiated in 2004 and adopted by The Business Times in 2005. It originated from a conviction that no child should be denied the opportunity to pursue the arts due to a lack of financial resources.

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Bridging the
Digital Divide.

The #Engage fund aims to build a digitally inclusive society by giving the vulnerable community access to digital tools and skills to connectivity, so as to help them remain economically and socially active.

Together with the generous donors, stakeholders, sponsors and volunteers, we are able to make a difference in the lives of the children and youth largely who are able to contribute back to the community. For this financial year, we welcome donations for the following events:


Children for Children



* Be aware of scammers impersonating TRCL Officer to solicit donations and report any suspicious calls to the police / Whistle Blowing Committee.

Do write to us regarding any queries on donation.

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