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Daniel Kon Ming Chun, 13
Acrylic on canvas
84.1cm x 59.4cm
Merit Award

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This is a painting about depression and emotional outbursts. Venting our emotions is like an hourglass, time is slow yet fast, whether it is an illusion or not. The person is broken and wasn’t happy with the society he lives in, often being used, manipulated and discarded.He becomes too broken to even cry, feeling numb till he sees his world crumple and melting. This is the reason for the pouring medium i used, mixing different warm, cool or neutral colours , showcasing his emotions burst out. The building represents the society and how cold it was, using all cool colours. The glitch effect at the end represents his unstable mind, his world distorted, upside down and used in different colours as well, using a palette knife and fan brush to do that. The glitch connects to the second painting where he feels free, sitting on a tree called yggdrasil, the tree of life. He is now in a different realm and where he is a pixelated soul because of his unstable mind, the different colours represent raw emotions that he feels. Tree is supposed to create a dreamlike feel.