The 80s baby!

The 80s baby!

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Yeo Hui Yee, Michelle, 16
The 80s baby!
Oil, acrylic modelling paste, plaster cloth gauze and gauze swab on canvas
60.9cm x 91.4cm
School Of The Arts, Singapore
Merit Award

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The imaginative ebullient scene discusses the theme of my personal attachment and detachment towards the 1980s era. This theme is expressed through complementary and contrasting colours using the painterly effect for the characters. The whirling cassette tape through the artwork flows through vibrant ludic elements from the entertainment in the 80s that brings me joy. Whenever I listen to the 80s music from my boombox I would imagine placing myself next to the iconic Cindy Lauper such as this artwork. Yet I still find myself holding onto the pillar of reality that detaches my dreams of this unrealistic aspiration.