We impart, create, and build with the belief that an education in the arts can transform young lives.

Impart to Transform Lives

We help children and youth to pursue the arts through progressive and sustained training in Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts. Our training programmes are dedicated to children ages 6 to 12 at The Little Arts Academy and youth ages 13 to 19 at 10 Square @ Orchard Central, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Create Content to Enrich

Fundraisers, youth theatre productions, themed festivals, music and artistic collaborations. Whether it is an original song, dance, festival or exhibition which partner creatives and our local community, we love developing  narratives and life stories which inspire and lift the human spirit.

Build Communities

We create and manage spaces that embody the needs and aspirations of our communities – the Children, the Youth and the Enterprising. Our spaces include 10 Square @ Orchard Central, and The Little Arts Academy North Campus I & II at Northpoint, Yishun.