Instant Comfort

Instant Comfort: A Collective Memory

Instant Comfort: A Collective Memory pays homage to a beloved snack by people from all walks of life and provides insight into the kind of food that gives us comfort. The book looks at why people from all segments of Singapore communities need instant noodles and why, despite its low nutritional value, they love it.

The book celebrates instant noodles as a means of survival and as a source of comfort in the darkest hours. Readers will be delighted by instant noodle stories of how its savoury strands have knitted families in bonds of love. Readers will be amused by the wondrous capability of instant noodles to trigger memories of childhood, army days, midnight suppers, love, and afternoon delights.

This is an inclusive book created by the community to be enjoyed by the people of Singapore.


S$25.00. Proceeds to benefit The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

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