Alarm-based Prep

Alarm-Based Prep

My most vivid memory was back when I was a youngling of no more than eight when I was introduced to a tiny variant of Maggi noodles where each cake of noodle fits nicely into your mug. Pour in either the curry or chicken-flavoured powder, add some hot water to the brim and you have a truly instant meal in minutes. It was memorable because I would snack on it uncooked at times too. I like to eat it exactly the way it’s prescribed on the packet. To the accuracy of seconds, I set my alarm. It’s if I am on MasterChef and any over doneness of the noodle would receive a telling-off by a British chef. My favourite brand and flavour is Paldo’s Bul Nak Pan Stir Fried Noodle. I usually eat instant noodles when I feel a craving for an instant hot meal, which I enjoy most when in the company of Netflix. I subscribe to the rumour that there’s wax in the water you cook your noodles in, so I usually make the soup with fresh boiled water, not the water it’s cooked in. — Barry L0