The Little Old Man

The Little Old Man

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Liao Quanxin, 16
The Little Old Man
Mixed Media on canvas
100cm x 75cm
Dunearn Secondary School
Silver Award

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Little Old Man

In the world of technology,_
There?re countless possibilities._
However little old man
Is unhappy._

This world?s so different from back then. _
Like entertainments that he no longer understands. _

He doesn’t know how to buy, _
The things he wants online._
Nor did he know,_

How to scan a QR-code._
_When covid-19 arrived,__
There’s a huge change in life.__
Now he?s forced to face,__
The problems he tried to avoid.__

__He?s daughter,__
Is far from him__
He could ask for help,__
But he didn’t want her to worry.__

Little old man,__
Is not just one and only.__
They?re all around us,__
At every corner of the county._